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Setting After The Fact Metrics in Adobe Analytics October 9, 2018 Adobe Analytics

As loyal blog readers will know, I am a big fan of identifying business requirements for Adobe Analytics implementations. I think that working with your stakeholders before your implementation (or ...... Continue »

Shifting Attribution in Adobe Analytics October 2, 2018 Adobe Analytics

If you are a veteran Adobe Analytics (or Omniture SiteCatalyst) user, for years the term attribution was defined by whether an eVar was First Touch (Original Value) or Last Touch ...... Continue »

Adobe Target Chrome Extension October 2, 2018 Featured

Adobe Target Chrome Extension I use many different testing solutions each day as part of my strategic and tactical support of testing programs here at Analytics Demystified.  I am very familiar ...... Continue »

Ingersoll Rand Case Study September 27, 2018 Adobe Analytics

One of my “soapbox” issues is that too few organizations focus on analytics business requirements and KPI definition. This is why I spend so much time working with clients to ...... Continue »

Page Names with and Without Locale in Adobe Analytics September 26, 2018 Adobe Analytics

Have you found yourself in a situation where your pages in Adobe Analytics are specific to a locale but you would like to aggregate them for a global view? It ...... Continue »

Analysis Workspace Drop-downs September 25, 2018 Adobe Analytics

Recently, the Adobe Analytics team added a new Analysis Workspace feature called “Drop-downs.” It has always been possible to add Adobe Analytics components like segments, metrics, dimensions and date ranges ...... Continue »

ACCELERATE 2019 September 21, 2018 Conferences/Community

Back in 2015, the Analytics Demystified team decided to put on a different type of analytics conference we called ACCELERATE. The idea was that we as partners and a few ...... Continue »

Adobe Target and Marketo September 21, 2018 Featured

The Marketo acquisition by Adobe went from rumor to fact earlier today.  This is a really good thing for the Adobe Target community. I’ve integrated Adobe Target and Marketo together many ...... Continue »

Bonus Tip: Quantifying Content Creation September 20, 2018 Adobe Analytics

Last week and this week, I shared some thoughts on how to quantify content velocity in Adobe Analytics. As part of that post, I showed how to assign a publish ...... Continue »

Quantifying Content Velocity in Adobe Analytics – Part 2 September 18, 2018 Adobe Analytics

Last week, I shared how to quantify content velocity in Adobe Analytics. This involved classifying content with the date it was published and looking at subsequent days to see how ...... Continue »