Yearly Archives: 2019
Using Data Studio for Google Analytics Alerts December 16, 2019 Featured

Ever since Data Studio released scheduling, I’ve found the feature very handy for the purpose of alerts and performance monitoring. Prior to this feature, I mostly used the in-built Alerts feature ...... Continue »

Go From Zero to Analytics Hero using Data Studio December 12, 2019 Analysis

Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in Google’s Data Studio product. It has allowed me to build intuitive, easy-to-use reporting, from a ...... Continue »

Creating Time-Lapse Data via Analysis Workspace October 17, 2019 Adobe Analytics

Sometimes, seeing how data changes over time can inform you about trends in your data. One way to do this is to use time-lapse. Who hasn’t been mesmerized by a ...... Continue »

Quick Tip: Grouping Items in Analysis Workspace October 10, 2019 Adobe Analytics

Recently, I was working with a client who needed to group a bunch of dimension items for an analysis. While this would seem like an easy thing to do in ...... Continue »

Daily Unique Visitors in Analysis Workspace October 3, 2019 Adobe Analytics

Recently, one of the members of our Adobe Analytics Expert Council (AAEC) was lamenting that in the [old] Reports interface of Adobe Analytics, there is a Daily Unique Visitors metric, ...... Continue »

Digital Analytics Hacks for the Masses September 19, 2019 Conferences/Community

There are never enough hours in an analyst’s day! In my session at Observe Point Validate yesterday, I shared a few random hacks and time-saving techniques, to help you maximize ...... Continue »

Path Breakdowns and Breakdown Trends August 13, 2019 Adobe Analytics

In my last post, I shared how you could build segments from website paths using the flow visualization in Analysis Workspace. This was done by right-clicking on a specific path ...... Continue »

Segmenting on Paths in Flow Visualization July 30, 2019 Adobe Analytics

Recently, Adobe updated the Analysis Workspace Flow visualization to offer more flexibility, especially when it comes to repeat instances. Many Adobe Analytics users have wanted to abandon the pathing reports ...... Continue »

Setting Metric Targets in Analysis Workspace July 16, 2019 Adobe Analytics

One of the lesser-known features in the old Adobe Analytics interface was Targets. Targets allowed you to upload numbers that you expected to hit (per metric) so that you could ...... Continue »

Fallout Funnels With Date Ranges July 10, 2019 Adobe Analytics

Recently, I was working with a client to explain how panels work in Analysis Workspace. Panels in Workspace allow you to embed data visualizations and each panel can have its ...... Continue »