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When to Tweak Report Suites and When to Start Anew December 14, 2015 Adobe Analytics

As someone who has made a living auditing, fixing and improving Adobe Analytics implementations, there are a few questions related to this that I receive all of the time. One ...... Continue »

Cart Conversion by Product Price December 7, 2015 Adobe Analytics

Back in 2010, I wrote about a way to see how much money website visitors were adding to the shopping cart so that amount could be compared to the amount ...... Continue »

Average Internal Search Position Clicked December 1, 2015 Adobe Analytics

A few years ago, I wrote an extensive post describing how to track internal search position clicks to see which internal search positions visitors tend to click on. That post showed ...... Continue »

Using Cohort Analysis in Adobe Analytics November 23, 2015 Adobe Analytics

With the latest release of Adobe Analytics, the Analysis Workspace interface now provides a way to conduct cohort analyses. The new Cohort Analysis borrows from an existing one that Adobe had ...... Continue »

Sharing Calculated Metrics in Adobe Analytics November 17, 2015 Adobe Analytics

Over the past year, Adobe Analytics users have noticed that the product has moved to a different model for accessing/editing/creating analytics components such as Calculated Metrics, Segments, etc… In this ...... Continue »

Pairing Analytics with Qualitative Methods to Understand the WHY October 30, 2015 Analysis

Rudimentary analytics can be valuable to understand what your customers and prospects do. However, the true value from analytics comes from marrying that with the why – and more importantly, understanding how ...... Continue »

Creating Weighted Metrics Using the Percentile Function October 26, 2015 Adobe Analytics

When using Adobe Analytics, one of the things that has been a bit annoying historically is that when you sort by a calculated metric, you often see really high percentages ...... Continue »

The Power of Combining Number Formatting and Conditional Formatting in Excel September 25, 2015 Excel Tips

I build a lot of dashboards in Excel, and I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to data visualization. This post walks through some of the ways that ...... Continue »

Product Finding Methods September 22, 2015 Adobe Analytics

Product Finding Methods, is a topic that I have touched upon briefly in past blog posts, but not in great detail. Some others have also talked about it, but in ...... Continue »

Sharing Analytics Reports Internally September 15, 2015 Adobe Analytics

As a web analyst, one of your job functions is to share reports and data with your internal stakeholders. There are obviously many different ways to do this. Ideally, you ...... Continue »