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If the Data Looks too Amazing to Be True… December 30, 2010 Analysis

I’ve hauled out this same anecdote off and on for the past decade: Back in the early aughts [I’m not Canadian, but I know a few of ’em], I was the ...... Continue »

The Privacy Apogee December 27, 2010 Analytics Strategy

The biggest topic that you will grapple with in 2011 is consumer privacy. We are at the most liberal and lenient point of consumer privacy in the history of time. ...... Continue »

Is It Just Me, or Are There a Lot of #measure Tweets These Days? December 23, 2010 Analytics Strategy

<Standard “good golly I haven’t been blogging with my planned weekly frequency / been busy / try to get back on track in 2011” disclaimer omitted> Update: This update almost warrants ...... Continue »

Santa Puts Aprimo Under the Tree! December 22, 2010 Analytics Strategy

2011 is shaping up to be the year of big marketing. And luckily for us measurers, smart marketing is founded in data and measurement. With IBM’s recent acquisition rampage and ...... Continue »

Tracking Form Errors (Part 3) December 20, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Learn some advanced Form Error techniques!... Continue »

Commerce Department and WAA Code of Ethics December 16, 2010 General

Thanks to Tim Evans I was alerted to a report about the Commerce Department weighing in on privacy issues online.  Suffice to say I agree with the direction Commerce is ...... Continue »

Phew…! December 16, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Phew. It’s been crazy weeks for me lately. At the moment, we just put up the tree, kids are all quiet and I’m drinking a glass of red. It’s one ...... Continue »

Tracking Form Errors (Part 2) December 13, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Learn some advanced Form Error Tracking techniques...... Continue »

Reporting: You Can't Analyze or Optimize without It December 7, 2010 Analysis

Three separate observations from three separate co-workers over the past two weeks all resonated with me when it comes to the fundamentals of effective analytics: As we discussed an internal “Analytics ...... Continue »

Tracking Form Errors (Part 1) December 6, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Learn how to track website form errors...... Continue »