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Switching from Adobe to Google? What you Should Know (Part 2) March 22, 2021 Adobe Analytics

Last week, I went into detail on four key differences between Adobe and Google Analytics. This week, I’ll cover four more. This is far from an exhaustive list – but ...... Continue »

Switching from Adobe to Google? What You Should Know (Part 1) March 15, 2021 Adobe Analytics

In the past few months, I’ve had the same conversation with at least 5 different clients. After the most recent occurrence, I decided it was time to write a blog ...... Continue »

A Scalable Way To Add Annotations of Notable Events To Your Reports in Data Studio July 11, 2018 Featured

Documenting and sharing important events that affected your business are key to an accurate interpretation of your data. For example, perhaps your analytics tracking broke for a week last July, or ...... Continue »

Your Guide to Understanding Conversion Funnels in Google Analytics July 12, 2017 Featured

Your Guide to Understanding Conversion Funnels in Google Analytics Updated December 2018, to include Advanced Analysis TL;DR: Here’s the cheatsheet. Often I am asked by clients what their options are for understanding conversion ...... Continue »

A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Funnels in Google’s Data Studio May 25, 2017 Google Analytics

A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Funnels in Google’s Data Studio This is an update to a 2017 blog post, since there are a ton of new features in Data Studio that ...... Continue »

What I Love: Adobe and Google Analytics* September 24, 2014 Analytics Strategy

While in Atlanta last week for ACCELERATE, I got into the age-old discussion of “Adobe Analytics vs. Google Analytics.” I’m up to my elbows in both of them, and they’re ...... Continue »

Some (Practical) eCommerce Google Analytics Tips May 30, 2013 Analysis

A short, partially self-promotional post — two links and one, “Hey…look out for…” note about sampling. Post No. 1: Feras Alhlou’s 3 Key GA Reports Feras Alhlou of E-Nor recently wrote an ...... Continue »

Handy Google Analytics Advanced Segments for any website April 8, 2013 Adobe Analytics

Advanced Segments are an incredibly useful feature of Google Analytics. They allow you to analyse subsets of your users, and compare and contrast behaviour. Google Analytics comes with a number ...... Continue »

A Google Analytics Advanced Segment for Smartphones November 18, 2012 Analytics Strategy

“Mobile” is a tricky topic, if for no other reason than the fact that tablets are mobile devices and smartphones are mobile devices. And, when it comes to web sites, ...... Continue »

Beefing Up the Integration of Optimizely and Google Analytics October 30, 2012 Analytics Strategy

I’ve developed a pretty serious crush on Optimizely as an A/B and multivariate testing platform — it’s hard to beat the ease-of-deployment and ease-of-use. Just like any platform — web ...... Continue »