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How To Tell A Story with Your Data December 29, 2009 Analytics Strategy

A few weeks ago, my business partner Eric and I attended a basketball game in Minnesota. Eric purchased the tickets a few days ahead of time and I really didn’t ...... Continue »

The Most Important Post on Web Analytics You'll Ever Read December 22, 2009 Analytics Strategy

When John Lovett joined Aurelie and I here at Analytics Demystified earlier this month an awful lot of people said, “Hey, nice job getting such nice guy on board,” “We ...... Continue »

Defining A Web Analytics Strategy: A Manifesto December 22, 2009 General

“…Strategy is all talk unless it can be executed in a way that delivers on both the creative and business promises.“ ~Liz Gebhardt Thinking Out Loud I’ve been thinking a great ...... Continue »

Four Books That Will Change the Way You Communicate December 22, 2009 General

I don’t think I will ever forget the first time that I made a presentation at work. It was just over a decade ago, I was just a few months ...... Continue »

Amazing response to The Analysis Exchange December 17, 2009 Conferences/Community

UPDATE: The compliments and willingness to help just keep coming in.  Members of the Web Analytics Association Board of Directors, entire staffs from consulting groups around the globe, and too ...... Continue »

Announcing The Analysis Exchange December 15, 2009 Analytics Strategy

A few weeks ago I started pinging folks within the digital measurement community asking about the work we do, the challenges we face, and how we got where we are ...... Continue »

The Spectrum of Data Sources for Marketers Is Wide (& Overwhelming) December 14, 2009 Analysis

I’ve been using an anecdote of late that Malcolm Gladwell supposedly related at a SAS user conference earlier this year: over the last 30 years, the challenge we face when ...... Continue »

Three Classification Genres for Measuring Twitter December 14, 2009 Social Media

I think it’s safe to say that Twitter has progressed from frivolous novelty to productivity tool for thousands of consumers, professionals and businesses alike. Projections from eMarketer have active Twitter ...... Continue »

Intranets – The Other Website December 14, 2009 Adobe Analytics

Apply all of your web analytics expertise to your company's Intranet!... Continue »

Data Quality – The Silent Killer… December 7, 2009 Adobe Analytics

In this post, I am going to talk about how Data Quality can kill an Omniture (or other Web Analytics) implementation. I will share some of the problems I have seen and show some ways that you can help improve Data Quality...... Continue »