Yearly Archives: 2009
How Succinctly Can I Explain Why Pie Charts Are Evil? December 2, 2009 Presentation

I’m right at three months into my new gig, and, around the office, probably the most commonly known fact is, “He hates pie charts.” It’s not that I’ve exactly been ...... Continue »

Welcome to our newest partner, John Lovett December 1, 2009 Analytics Strategy

As you can see by the title of this post Analytics Demystified has some amazingly huge news — respected industry veteran and former Forrester Research senior analyst John Lovett has ...... Continue »

Let The Wild Rumpus Start December 1, 2009 Analytics Strategy

I feel liberated. For the first time in my professional career I don’t have to answer to anyone. Sure, I still carry accountability to my new partners Eric and Aurelie, ...... Continue »

Recap: Web Analytics Wednesday with Foresee Results November 21, 2009 Analytics Strategy

Last week was our monthly Web Analytics Wednesday in Columbus. Foresee Results sponsored the event and provided a highly engaging speaker: Kevin Ertell, Foresee’s VP of Retail Strategy and the ...... Continue »

An Excel Dashboard Widget November 16, 2009 Excel Tips

As I wrote in my last post, I’ve been spending a lot of time building out Excel-based dashboard structures and processes of late. I also wrote a few weeks ago ...... Continue »

Internal Search Tips November 16, 2009 Adobe Analytics

Learn some SiteCatalyst Internal Search tracking tips...... Continue »

Google Analytics Intelligence Feature is Brilliant! November 10, 2009 Analytics Strategy

Long-time blog readers are likely aware that I’m not prone to writing about individual technologies or product features unless I have the opportunity to break the news about something new ...... Continue »

The Perfect Dashboard: Three Pieces of Information November 9, 2009 Reporting

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately working on dashboards — different dashboards for different purposes for different clients, with a heavy emphasis on making dashboards that can be ...... Continue »

# of Pages Viewed Counter eVar November 9, 2009 Adobe Analytics

This week I will round out my Pages in Conversion trilogy by discussing a # of Pages Viewed Counter eVar. Two posts ago I discussed some of the benefits ...... Continue »

Page Name eVar November 2, 2009 Adobe Analytics

Building upon my last post, this post describes the benefits of a Page Name eVar... Continue »