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Avinash asks me to predict the future December 30, 2006 Adobe Analytics

One of my favorite bloggers, Mr. Avinash Kaushik, offered up his web analytics predictions for 2007 in a recent post. At the end of his post he offered this: In ...... Continue »

Tagged … December 24, 2006 Analytics Strategy

For Christmas this year, Gary Angel from SEMphonic got me … work! Gary tagged me as part of a blogger’s chain letter that has been going around, kindly noting ...... Continue »

How do you calculate engagement? Part II December 18, 2006 Adobe Analytics

Given that my last post on measuring engagement generated a fair amount of feedback, I wanted to follow-up with the post that in retrospect I should have published first, the ...... Continue »

Frank Faubert writes in … December 8, 2006 Adobe Analytics

Frank Faubert, who I referenced in my last post, wrote in and had this to say: “I think you have a flaws in both your data collection, and in the way ...... Continue »

How do you calculate engagement? Part I December 8, 2006 Adobe Analytics

My good friend Clint Ivy and I were talking awhile back and he asked me, “So what do you think about Scoble’s call for an engagement metric?” I said, ...... Continue »

So you want to be a web analyst? December 6, 2006 General

As I’m finally starting to catch up on things around here I noticed that Jason had recently published a Clickz article titled Becoming an Experienced, Invaluable Web Analyst in which ...... Continue »

Are you trying to hire experienced web data analysts? November 29, 2006 General

If you are, you should consider advertising on my new job board. I’ve outlined a few reasons that you might want to advertise at the old job board but ...... Continue »

On promises and porn stars … November 24, 2006 Analytics Strategy

Like many folks here in the United States I have been away from “civilization” for the past handful of days enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday. My wife and kids and ...... Continue »

Do you live in the Washington, D.C. area? November 7, 2006 Adobe Analytics

If you live in the Washington, D.C. area, here are two events you should know about: Web Analytics Wednesday, Herndon, VA, November 8th, hosted by Visual Sciences own Theresa Locklear. ...... Continue »

The FTC is being asked to investigate the regulation of data collection via the Internet November 3, 2006 Analytics Strategy

I was sifting through my email and I noticed that the Center for Digital Democracy and the US Public Interest Research Group are petitioning the US Federal Trade Commission to ...... Continue »