Yearly Archives: 2006
More thoughts on using visits or visitors to calculate conversion rates October 31, 2006 Reporting

Recently I was talking to a friend who was asking about my post on buyer versus order conversion rates I posted recently. We had been talking about the “every ...... Continue »

My presentation on The Web Analytics Business Process is on slideshare October 31, 2006 Analytics Strategy

Thanks to some anonymous poster to my weblog, you can now view my Emetrics presentation on the Web Analytics Business Process over on slideshare or use the following embedded object ...... Continue »

Gaining momentum for a Web 2.0 Measurement Working Group October 27, 2006 Analytics Strategy

Yes, I have not completely forgotten and last night I made some progress! You can now sign-up to join the Web 2.0 Measurement Working Group on my web site. ...... Continue »

June Li from ClickInsight has a great suggestion about implementing process October 24, 2006 Analytics Strategy

June Li was having trouble downloading my presentation on the Web Analytics Business Process in Firefox. Has anyone else noticed that? I’ll try and get the file in ...... Continue »

The strangest thing that has happened to me in a long time … October 22, 2006 General

At Emetrics I unfortunately had to miss Jim Sterne’s keynote speech. When I got to the conference people had these little cameras and they kept walking up behind me ...... Continue »

The Web Analytics Business Process October 17, 2006 Analytics Strategy

I gave my presentation at Emetrics yesterday, outlining my thoughts about what I call the “Web Analytics Business Process” to a packed room. The response I got was tremendous ...... Continue »

Interested in learning more about Visual Sciences at Emetrics? October 12, 2006 Analytics Strategy

If so, there are a couple ways you can go about it. Go see our co-founder and CEO, Jim MacIntyre, talk about correlating multi-channel data across the Enterprise from 10:00 to ...... Continue »

More information on the Web 2.0 Measurement Working Group idea I had … October 12, 2006 Analytics Strategy

Clint’s right, I need to get the Web 2.0 Measurement Working Group organized. Curse Clint for being right, again. I’d offer excuses, but they’re all lame like “busy ...... Continue »

Web Analytics Wednesday Portland … October 12, 2006 Conferences/Community

I have to say that last night’s Web Analytics Wednesday event in Portland, Oregon was a smashing success! We had good representation from a number of companies including WebTrends, ...... Continue »

I've added a web analytics calendar to my web site October 4, 2006 General

Some folks have noticed but thanks to Google Calendar I’ve added a Web 2.0 web analytics events calendar to my web site. I’m still looking around for the API ...... Continue »