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Did that KPI Move Enough for Me to Care? September 29, 2017 Adobe Analytics

This post really… is just the setup for an embedded 6-minute video. But, it actually hits on quite a number of topics. At the core: Using a statistical method to objectively determine ...... Continue »

R You Interested in Auditing Your Google Analytics Data Collection? July 7, 2017 Featured

One of the benefits of programming with data — with a platform like R — is being able to get a computer to run through mind-numbing and tedious, but useful, ...... Continue »

The Trouble (My Troubles) with Statistics July 3, 2017 Analysis

Okay. I admit it. That’s a linkbait-y title. In my defense, though, the only audience that would be successfully baited by it, I think, are digital analysts, statisticians, and data ...... Continue »

R and Adobe Analytics: Did the Metric Move Significantly? Part 3 of 3 January 12, 2017 Adobe Analytics

This is the third post in a three-post series. The earlier posts build up to this one, so you may want to go back and check them out before diving in ...... Continue »

R and Adobe Analytics: Did the Metric Move Significantly? Part 2 of 3 January 10, 2017 Adobe Analytics

In my last post, I laid out that I had been working on a bit of R code to answer three different questions in a way that was repeatable and ...... Continue »

R and Adobe Analytics: Two Dimensions, Many Metrics – Part 1 of 3 January 5, 2017 Adobe Analytics

This is the first of three posts that all use the same base set of configuration to answer three different questions: How do my key metrics break out across two different ...... Continue »

Comparing Adobe and Google Analytics (with R) November 22, 2016 General

Raise your hand if you’re running Adobe Analytics on your site. Okay, now keep your hands up if you also are running Google Analytics. Wow. Not very many hands went down ...... Continue »

Digital Analytics: R and staTISTICS -> September 12, 2016 General

Are you hearing more and more about R and wondering if you should give it a closer look? If so, there is a new resource in town:! The site is ...... Continue »

Should Digital Analysts Become More Data Scientific-y? July 4, 2016 General

The question asked in this post started out as a simpler (and more bold) question: “Is data science the future of digital analytics?”  It’s a question I’ve been asking a lot, ...... Continue »

Shiny Web Analytics with R May 16, 2016 General

It’s been a a couple of months since I posted about my continued exploration of R. In part, that’s because I found myself using it primarily as a more-powerful-than-the-Google-Analytics-Chrome-extension access ...... Continue »