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Big Data without Digital Insight Management Is a Big Hot Mess November 27, 2012 Analysis

One of the many exciting aspects of joining a new company is the opportunity for reflection. The lead-up to the job change forced some introspection — what was it I ...... Continue »

"Tag! You’re It!" One More Analyst’s Tag Management Thoughts November 6, 2012 Analytics Strategy

Unless you’re living in a cave (and, you’re clearly not, because you’re spending enough time trolling the interwebtubes to wind up on this blog), you’ve seen, heard, and felt the ...... Continue »

"Demystifying" the Formula for Social Media ROI (there isn't one) September 13, 2011 Analysis

I raved about John Lovett’s new book, Social Media Metrics Secrets in an earlier post, and, while I make my way through Marshall Sponder’s Social Media Analytics book that arrived ...... Continue »

Complex Processes and Analyses Therein April 10, 2008 Analysis

Stéphane Hamel, it seems, is a bit peeved with Eric Peterson. These are two pretty big names in web analytics — Eric as one of the fathers of web analytics, ...... Continue »