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Why Data Visualization Matters: It's Funnel Optimization February 26, 2013 Presentation

One of the reasons I like to give presentations at conferences is because it forces me to really, really, really, crystallize my thoughts. When I’m writing a blog post, I’m generally ...... Continue »

Small Charts in Excel: Beyond Sparklines, Still Economical January 1, 2013 Excel Tips

I’m a fan of Stephen Few; pretty much, always have been, and, pretty much, always will be. When developing dashboards, reports, and analysis results, it’s not uncommon at all for ...... Continue »

Dashboard Development and Unleashing Creative Juices July 9, 2009 Presentation

Ryan Goodman of Centigon Solutions wrote up his take on a recent discussion on LinkedIn that centered on the tension between data visualization that is “flashy” versus data visualization that rigorously ...... Continue » Needs Some Few and Some Tufte April 27, 2009 Presentation

I caught an NPR story about last week, and it sounded really promising. Depending on where you fall on the political spectrum, the various rounds of stimulus and bailout ...... Continue »

Data Visualization — March Madness Style March 28, 2009 Excel Tips

I got an e-mail last week just a few hours into Round 1 of this year’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament. The subject of the email was simply “dumb graph,” and ...... Continue »

Data Visualization — Few's Examples March 14, 2009 Presentation

I attended a United Way meeting last week that was hosted at an overburdened county government agency site in south Columbus. The gist of the meeting was discussing the bleakness ...... Continue »

The Best Little Book on Data March 5, 2009 Analysis

How’s that for a book title? Would it pique your interest? Would you download it and read it? Do you have friends or co-workers who would be interested in it? Why am I ...... Continue »

Test Your Data Visualization IQ July 9, 2008 Presentation

Data visualization has really been on my mind of late. Partly because I’ve personally been struggling to produce some effectively-presented information, and, even more so, because one of my co-workers ...... Continue »

Stephen Few's Derivation of Tufte: The Data-Pixel Ratio June 19, 2008 Excel Tips

I’ve glanced through various folks’ copies of Stephen Few’s Information Dashboard Design: The Effective Visual Communication of Data on several occasions over the past few years. And, it was a ...... Continue »