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Web Analytics Platforms Are Fundamentally Broken August 9, 2011 Analytics Strategy

Farris Khan, Analytics Lead at ProQuest and Chevy Volt ponderer extraordinaire, tweeted the question that we bandy about over cocktails in hotel bars the world over during any analytics gathering: His ...... Continue »

Web Analytics Tools Comparison — Columbus WAW Recap Part 2 March 1, 2011 Analytics Strategy

[Update: After getting some feedback from a Coremetrics expert and kicking around the content with a few other people, I rounded out the presentation a bit.] In my last post, I ...... Continue »

Monish Datta Learns All about Facebook Measurement June 3, 2010 Analytics Strategy

Columbus Web Analytics Wednesday was last week — sponsored by Omniture, an Adobe company, and the topic wound up being “Facebook Measurement” (deck at the end of this post). For some ...... Continue »

Columbus WAW Recap: Don't "Antisappoint" Visitors March 29, 2010 Analytics Strategy

We had a fantastic Web Analytics Wednesday last week in Columbus, sponsored by (Adobe) Omniture, with just under 50 attendees! Darren “DJ” Johnson was the presenter, and he spoke about web ...... Continue »

All Web Analytics Tools Are the Same (when it comes to data capture) February 27, 2010 Analytics Strategy

I started to write a post on using web analytics tools — Google Analytics, specifically, but with a nod to Webtrends as well — to track traffic to custom tabs ...... Continue »

The Most Meaningful Insights Will Not Come from Web Analytics Alone September 14, 2009 Analysis

Judah Phillips wrote a post last week laying out why the answer to the question, “Is web analytics hard or easy?” is a resounding “it depends.” It depends, he wrote, ...... Continue »