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Techrigy — New Kid on the Social Media Measurement Block October 8, 2008 Analysis

When Connie Bensen posted that she had formalized a relationship with Techrigy to work on their community, I had to take a look! She gave me a demo of their ...... Continue »

A Great Starting Point for Social Media ROI July 29, 2008 Reporting

Yesterday, I wrote about my beef with the popular cliché that “ROI for social media is Return on Influence.” This latest take was prompted by Connie Bensen’s ROI of a ...... Continue »

Measuring ROI Around Web 2.0…and More Webinars (geesh!) May 19, 2008 Analytics Strategy

Awareness (the company) has a Measuring ROI Around Web 2.0 webinar this Thursday, May 22, at 2:00 PM EDT. That’s heavy on the buzzwords, but it sounds like it might ...... Continue »

Social Media Measurement: A Practitioner's Practical Guide May 12, 2008 Reporting

Connie Bensen has a Social Media Measurement post that is worth a read. While the post is focussed on measuring social media specifically, she hits on some areas that, all ...... Continue »