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A Framework for Social Media Measurement Tools March 7, 2011 Analytics Strategy

Fundamental marketing measurement best practices apply to social media as much as they apply to email marketing and web site analytics. It all begins with clear objectives and well-formed key ...... Continue »

New Research on Social Marketing Analytics April 22, 2010 Social Media

I’ve been awaiting this day with eager anticipation for some time now because we are finally releasing our paper on Social Marketing Analytics. Several months ago Eric Peterson and I ...... Continue »

Three Classification Genres for Measuring Twitter December 14, 2009 Social Media

I think it’s safe to say that Twitter has progressed from frivolous novelty to productivity tool for thousands of consumers, professionals and businesses alike. Projections from eMarketer have active Twitter ...... Continue »

Social Media Measurement: A Practitioner's Practical Guide May 12, 2008 Reporting

Connie Bensen has a Social Media Measurement post that is worth a read. While the post is focussed on measuring social media specifically, she hits on some areas that, all ...... Continue »