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#eMetrics Reflection: Privacy Is Getting More Tangible May 4, 2013 General

I’m chunking up my reflections on last month’s eMetrics conference in San Francisco into several posts. I had a list of eight possible topics, and this is the fourth and (probably) final ...... Continue »

Privacy: It's a 2.5-Dimensional Issue April 26, 2011 Analytics Strategy

I’m keeping the voting open for another week or so on my “choose a new profile picture” poll, so if you haven’t voted yet, please click over and do so. ...... Continue »

Data Portability vs. Privacy January 8, 2008 Analytics Strategy

There is a lot of buzz of late regarding Robert Scoble getting knocked off of Facebook as he was testing out Plaxo and, in the process, scraping data from Facebook. ...... Continue »