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Am I Ever BeHIND on Posting… September 2, 2009 General

August was a little crazy for me: I changed jobs — left Nationwide to become Director, Measurement and Analytics at Resource Interactive — which is 1000% the “right” move, but meant ...... Continue »

PowerPoint / Presentations / Data Visualization April 16, 2009 General

I wrote a post last week about PowerPoint and how easy it is to use it carelessly — to just open it up and start dumping in a bunch of ...... Continue »

Performance Measurement — Starting in the Middle December 30, 2008 Reporting

Like a lot of American companies, Nationwide (Nationwide: Car Insurance as well as the various other Nationwide businesses) goes into semi-shutdown mode between Christmas and New Years. I like racking ...... Continue »

"The Axiom of Research" and "The Axiom of Action" December 16, 2008 Analysis

I attended a one-day seminar today on “The Role of Statistical Concepts and Methods in Research” taught by Dr. Tom Bishop of The Ohio State University. Dr. Bishop heads up ...... Continue »

Harvey Balls: A Good Way to Ramp Back Up December 3, 2008 Presentation

As you may have noticed, my blogging here over the past couple of months has been pretty sparse. That was largely because I was winding down one job, taking a ...... Continue »