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Reflections from the Google Analytics Partner Summit September 18, 2011 Analytics Strategy

Having recently become a Google Analytics Certified Partner, we got to participate in our first Partner Summit out in Mountainview, California, last week. It was unfortunate that the conference conflicted ...... Continue »

In Defense of "Web Reporting" April 12, 2011 Analysis

Avinash’s last post attempted to describe The Difference Between Web Reporting and Web Analysis. While I have some quibbles with the core content of the post — the difference between reporting ...... Continue »

Measurement Strategies: Balancing Outcomes and Outputs October 26, 2009 Reporting

I’m finding myself in a lot of conversations where I’m explaining the difference between “outputs” and “outcomes.” It’s a distinction that can go a long way when it comes to ...... Continue »

Put-in-Play Percentage: A "Great Metric" for Youth Baseball? July 30, 2009 Reporting

My posts have gotten pretty sporadic (…again, sadly), and I’ll once again play the “lotta’ stuff goin’ on” card. Fortunately, it’s mostly fun stuff, but it does mean I’ve got ...... Continue »

What is "Analysis?" May 5, 2009 Analysis

Stephen Few had a recent post, Can Computers Analyze Data?, that started: “Since ‘business analytics’ has come into vogue, like all newly popular technologies, everyone is talking about it but few ...... Continue »

The "Action Dashboard" — Avinash Mounts My Favorite Soapbox April 30, 2008 Analysis

Avinash Kaushik has a great post today titled The “Action Dashboard” (An Alternative to Crappy Dashboards. As usual, Avinash is spot-on with his observations about how to make data truly ...... Continue »

ROI — the Holy Grail of Marketing (and Roughly as Attainable) March 19, 2008 Analytics Strategy

The topic of “Marketing ROI” has crossed my inbox and feed reeder on several different fronts over the past few weeks. I don’t know if the subject actually has peaks ...... Continue »