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Klout Is a Tool — not an Imperfect Holy Grail June 5, 2012 Social Media

Last week, I found my dander elevated as I read Harnessing the Power of Social Media with Mark Schaefer. Schaefer knows his stuff when it comes to “influence,” and he recognizes ...... Continue »

Social Media ROI: Stop the Insanity! July 28, 2008 Reporting

I’ve taken a run at this before…but my assertion that the emperor has no clothes didn’t stick. Either that, or the dozens of people who read this blog simply agree ...... Continue »

Death to "Marketing ROI is Return on Influence"…Please!!! March 21, 2008 Reporting

I realized that my Data Posts from Non-Data Blogs Yahoo! pipe wasn’t working correctly, and when I fixed it, a recent post from Debbie Weil at BlogWrite for CEOs popped ...... Continue »