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Performance Measurement vs. Analysis February 15, 2009 Analysis

I’ve picked up some new terminology over the course of the past few weeks thanks to an intermediate statistics class I’m taking. Specifically — what inspired this post — is ...... Continue »

Performance Measurement — Starting in the Middle December 30, 2008 Reporting

Like a lot of American companies, Nationwide (Nationwide: Car Insurance as well as the various other Nationwide businesses) goes into semi-shutdown mode between Christmas and New Years. I like racking ...... Continue »

Dashboard Design Part 3 of 3: An Iterative Tale August 27, 2008 Presentation

On Monday, we covered the first chapter of this bedtime tale of dashboard creation: a cutesy approach that made the dashboard into a straight-up reflection of our sales funnel. Last ...... Continue »

Dashboard Design Part 2 of 3: An Iterative Tale August 26, 2008 Presentation

Yesterday, I described my first shot at developing a weekly corporate dashboard for my current company. It was based on the concept of the sales funnel and, while a lot ...... Continue »

Dashboard Design Part 1 of 3: An Iterative Tale August 25, 2008 Presentation

One of my responsibilities when I joined my current company was to institute some level of corporate performance management through the use of KPIs and a scorecard or dashboard. It’s ...... Continue »