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Small Charts in Excel: Beyond Sparklines, Still Economical January 1, 2013 Excel Tips

I’m a fan of Stephen Few; pretty much, always have been, and, pretty much, always will be. When developing dashboards, reports, and analysis results, it’s not uncommon at all for ...... Continue »

Data Visualization Tips and Concepts (Monish Datta calls it "stellar")* September 26, 2010 Analytics Strategy

Columbus Web Analytics Wednesday was sponsored by Resource Interactive last week, and it was, as usual, a fun and engaging event: We tried a new venue — the Winking Lizard on ...... Continue »

An Excel Dashboard Widget November 16, 2009 Excel Tips

As I wrote in my last post, I’ve been spending a lot of time building out Excel-based dashboard structures and processes of late. I also wrote a few weeks ago ...... Continue »