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Dashboard Design Part 3 of 3: An Iterative Tale August 27, 2008 Presentation

On Monday, we covered the first chapter of this bedtime tale of dashboard creation: a cutesy approach that made the dashboard into a straight-up reflection of our sales funnel. Last ...... Continue »

Dashboard Design Part 2 of 3: An Iterative Tale August 26, 2008 Presentation

Yesterday, I described my first shot at developing a weekly corporate dashboard for my current company. It was based on the concept of the sales funnel and, while a lot ...... Continue »

Dashboard Design Part 1 of 3: An Iterative Tale August 25, 2008 Presentation

One of my responsibilities when I joined my current company was to institute some level of corporate performance management through the use of KPIs and a scorecard or dashboard. It’s ...... Continue »