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Why Data Visualization Matters: It's Funnel Optimization February 26, 2013 Presentation

One of the reasons I like to give presentations at conferences is because it forces me to really, really, really, crystallize my thoughts. When I’m writing a blog post, I’m generally ...... Continue »

10 Presentation Tips No. 8: We Have Five Senses. Use TWO! January 12, 2012 General

This is the eighth post in a 10-post series on tips for effective presentations. For an explanation as to why I’m adding this series to a data-oriented blog, see the ...... Continue »

Four Books That Will Change the Way You Communicate December 22, 2009 General

I don’t think I will ever forget the first time that I made a presentation at work. It was just over a decade ago, I was just a few months ...... Continue »