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Sorting with Formulas for Bounce Rate – Excel Tip By Kevin Willeitner on October 24, 2012

During my career I have developed a ton of Excel tricks that enabled me to mold data just the way I like it. It all began when I took an ... read more »

Excel Tables — Overlooked, Yet Awesome By Analytics Demystified on July 2, 2012

Tables in Microsoft Excel are one of those features that you can be totally unaware of and get along without just fine. But, once you stumble across them, you wonder ... read more »

2012 WAA Award of Excellence By Eric Peterson on March 8, 2012

On Tuesday at the Emetrics Summit the Web Analytics Association membership awarded Analytics Demystified a 2012 Award for Excellence and dubbed us the “Most Influential Agency” in the digital measurement ... read more »

Excel Dropdowns Done Right: Data Validation and Named Ranges By Analytics Demystified on May 10, 2011

NOTE: There is an updated version of this post posted here. I recommend reading that one rather than this one. Every once in a very rare while, I find myself not ... read more »

Excel Dynamic Named Ranges Redux — Multiple Series in One Chart By Analytics Demystified on March 14, 2011

In one of the more consistently popular posts I’ve written, I went into detail about how to set up charts that would update based on a value selected from a ... read more »

Excel Dynamic Named Ranges = Never Manually Updating Your Charts By Analytics Demystified on August 17, 2010

[This post was written in 2010. I’ve made a new version of the post that takes advantage of Excel tables, which simplified the process a bit (it’s still kinda’ complicated). ... read more »

An Excel Dashboard Widget By Analytics Demystified on November 16, 2009

As I wrote in my last post, I’ve been spending a lot of time building out Excel-based dashboard structures and processes of late. I also wrote a few weeks ago ... read more »

Data Visualization that Is Colorblind-Friendly — Excel 2007? By Analytics Demystified on June 18, 2009

Wow. This post started out not as a post, but as what I thought was going to be a 5-minute exercise with Google to download a colorblind-friendly palette for Excel ... read more »

Shortest Excel Tip Ever: <F4> and <Ctrl>-Y By Analytics Demystified on August 3, 2008

I’ll put my standard big, fat, hairy disclaimer here that this blog is not about Excel tips. There are lots of resources for that. As a matter of fact, the ... read more »

Random Excel Tip: Always Available Paste Special…Values By Analytics Demystified on July 23, 2008

For a variety of reasons, I find myself using Excel (2003) through remote desktop fairly regularly these days, and I just haven’t gotten around to setting up some of the ... read more »