Is Google Analytics the Killer App? No. August 2, 2007

For the past two days readers and friends have been writing me asking my opinion of Brandt Dainow’s recent iMediaConnection piece on “Google’s Killer App.” Most of the questions ...... Continue »

I am heading to Tokyo but a few thoughts before I go … July 29, 2007

Thanks to everyone who has been so engaged in the debate over Technorati’s utility as a data source for ranking blogs.  I guess I opened a can of worms with ...... Continue »

On NetRatings and time spent on site July 12, 2007

In all of the fuss about NetRatings dropping page views as a metric used to calculate site popularity is the fact that the company actually did a pretty smart thing: ...... Continue »

comScore study sheds new light on risks to cookie-based measurement April 16, 2007

Awhile back the folks at comScore called me and asked if I would be surprised to learn that cookies were being deleted at a pretty high rate. Of course ...... Continue »