I wanted to love Google’s Generative AI for The Analyst’s Companion … August 30, 2023

… I truly did. I am a huge fan of Google for lots of reasons; I rely on Google every day to get me places and keep me in touch ...... Continue »

The Analyst Companion Free Version is now open to anyone June 14, 2023

The nice people at OpenAI solved a HUGE problem we were having with their gpt-3.5-turbo model today by releasing a version that can take a larger input of tokens (their “gpt-3.5-turbo-16K” ...... Continue »

The Analyst’s Companion free BETA is now open June 5, 2023

You can sign up to try The Analyst’s Companion BETA now if you are interested but there are three important caveats: You will need to have an OpenAI “gpt-4” API key ...... Continue »

Analyst’s Companion open BETA starts on Monday, June 5th June 1, 2023

Thanks to a bunch of great feedback we are ready to open up the BETA for the free version of The Analyst’s Companion on Monday, June 5th. Have a look ...... Continue »

A quick update from The Analyst’s Companion … May 25, 2023

Howdy, here is a quick update regarding the user interface for The Analyst’s Companion: On behalf of everyone at Analytics Demystified we hope you have a great long weekend! ... Continue »

Digital Analytics and Artificial Intelligence: Introducing The Analyst’s Companion May 22, 2023

It’s been forever since I have blogged but with Analytics Demystified having such great employees and clients I honestly don’t have that much to do that is worth talking about ...... Continue »