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I'm having problems with comment spam lately …
By on October 27, 2005

… and have been really busy focusing on the writing of the book. It’s great, actually, since I’ve been building a new Excel spreadsheet with all the KPIs at ... read more »

Everyone else is doing it, why not me?
By on September 18, 2005

There have been a glut of people blogging about books they’re writing lately–Scoble, Battelle and more–and since I’m going to write the complete treatise on key performance indicators I thought ... read more »

You may have noticed …
By on September 1, 2005

That I’ve not been posting much to the book blog. I apologize. I have been working on the book but have been too swamped to post. Hopefully ... read more »

Average Items per Cart
By on July 31, 2005

Aside from acquiring better qualified visitors to the site, the next best strategy to increase average order value is getting customers too buy more items each time they purchase. Definition The average ... read more »

Average Order Value
By on July 31, 2005

For retailers, average order value is considered a “key” key performance indicator by many, when combined with revenue per visitor or visit and order conversion rate, is essentially the pulse ... read more »

Average Revenue per Visit
By on July 24, 2005

Average revenue per visit is a more granular examination of your site’s financial performance but otherwise similar to average revenue per visitor. Definition See average revenue per visitor but substitute “Visits” for ... read more »

Average Cost per Visit
By on July 24, 2005

(I listened to your comments and appreciate the feedback. What do you think?!) Often it pays dividends to keep track of the cost of driving individual visits to the web ... read more »

Excellent feedback so far and some answers to your questions!
By on July 20, 2005

Thanks to everyone for checking the new blog out and for the comments coming in so far. I added an XML button on the right so people can subscribe–I’m going ... read more »

An interesting KPI for retailers proposed by a reader
By on July 19, 2005

Francois Lane sent me this idea for a key performance indicator: Here it is:Price of the Product x Conversion Rate of the Page = Average Revenue per Page View This metric is ... read more »

I just updated the Analytics Demystified web site
By on July 19, 2005

And you probably realize that if you’re reading this web post. What do you think? I went for the minimalist look and have rolled both the O’Reilly book and the ... read more »