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I just updated the Analytics Demystified web site
By on July 18, 2005

And you probably realize that if you’re reading this web post. What do you think? I went for the minimalist look and have rolled both the O’Reilly book and the ... read more »

An interesting KPI for retailers proposed by a reader
By on July 14, 2005

Francois Lane sent me this idea for a key performance indicator: Here it is:Price of the Product x Conversion Rate of the Page = Average Revenue per Page View This metric is ... read more »

Section Header for Averages
By on July 13, 2005

While averages are conveniently generated for a number of important metrics it pays to keep the definition of an average in mind when using the following key performance indicators. ... read more »

Excellent feedback so far and some answers to your questions!
By on July 13, 2005

Thanks to everyone for checking the new blog out and for the comments coming in so far. I added an XML button on the right so people can subscribe–I’m ... read more »

Can any of you reading this think of …
By on July 13, 2005

A reason to describe KPIs for “Average Revenue per VISITOR” and “Average Revenue per VISIT”? Same problem for cost per visitor and cost per visit? For some reason I cannot ... read more »

Average Revenue per Visitor
By on July 13, 2005

Revenue per visitor is a critical metric but not just for online retailers and advertising supported sites. Marketing sites can better understand their marketing efforts by estimating value based ... read more »

Average Cost per Conversion
By on July 11, 2005

Regardless of your business model, conversion is one of the most important visitor activities you need to track. By calculating the average cost per conversion you can ensure that ... read more »

Average Cost per Visitor
By on July 11, 2005

Visitor acquisition costs often spiral out of control when left untracked. While tracking these costs can be difficult in the long run the effort is worth it. Definition A function of ... read more »

Average Time to Respond to Email Inquiries
By on July 11, 2005

Most companies forget to track one of the most important customer support metrics there is: the amount of time it takes you to respond to a customer request sent via ... read more »

Props to Bob and Xavier
By on July 11, 2005

I sent an email out to very few people announcing this weblog. Two of them, Xavier Casanova and Bob Page are analytics gurus and bloggers. They saw fit ... read more »