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Paul Strupp at Sun Microsystems says "duh, Peterson!"
By on March 22, 2006

Ok, not really. But he does have a pretty good analysis of what I was trying to get at in Analytics Demystified when I tried to explain conversion rate. ... read more »

I made a mistake!
By on March 12, 2006

When I posted last week about Avinash Kaushik from Intuit being podcasted I made one mistake. Intuit is not an Omniture customer. According to Avinash, only the TurboTax ... read more »

My friend Clint is conflicted …
By on March 9, 2006

Based on a post he made to the Yahoo! group I just realized that my friend Clint is blogging now at Instant Cognition. Welcome to the blogosphere, Clint! In one ... read more »

Great podcast with Avinash Kaushik from Intuit
By on March 8, 2006

Internet Marketing Voodoo has a nice podcast with Avinash Kaushik from Intuit posted on Monday, March 6th. I first met Avinash at last year’s Emetrics event in Santa Barbara ... read more »

Casanova talkin' smack about Google
By on March 7, 2006

I’m a big fan of Xavier Casanova, as anyone who reads this blog surely knows, and not just because his post about my going to Visual Sciences is the fifth ... read more »

Brush with greatness …
By on March 4, 2006

I am a sports geek–mostly NBA and NFL–because I find it helps me balance out the web analytics stuff. Where web analytics is primarily mental, sports is wholly visceral ... read more »

Very funny Amazon review of Analytics Demystified
By on March 4, 2006

I just noticed this review from someone in Provo, Utah: “Web analytics is probably one of the most boring topics you could read about. I think i would rather read a ... read more »

Need a free Google Analytics account?
By on February 22, 2006

Turns out all you have to do is spend money with an authorized Google Analytics Consultant! I was catching up on the Yahoo! group and happened to notice this: “Google ... read more »

Mr. Casanova says that "analytics are the foundation!"
By on February 21, 2006

I’m keeping up with a post-analytics Xavier Casanova and he just posted a nice piece about how he plans on staying true to his roots, thusly preserving his street cred. ... read more »

ROI Revolution blogs about Google Analytics
By on February 17, 2006

I just added ROI Revolution’s “Google Analytics Blog: An Unofficial Google Analytics BLOG from ROI Revolution” to my blogroll (in the left-nav). They outed a tool that I built ... read more »