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When you're wrong, you're wrong …
By on April 14, 2006

I saw today that despite my dire prediction that Google Analytics would put tremendous downward pressure on John Marshall’s ClickTracks, I was wrong. According to MediaPost, ClickTracks revenues were ... read more »

Want a signed copy of Analytics Demystified?
By on April 7, 2006

If so, bring your copy of Analytics Demystified, Web Site Measurement Hacks or The Big Book of Key Performance Indicators to any of the following events that I’m going to ... read more »

Want an invitation to Google Analytics?
By on April 6, 2006

This is hilarious! Almost as funny as someone offering to pay $325 for my pony-tail. (Via the Unofficial Google Analytics weblog) read more »

Juiceanalytics describes their approach to dashboards
By on April 3, 2006

The folks at juiceanalytics posted last night about their “five rules for successful success metrics“. While I’m not 100% sure I understand what they’re trying to convey with their ... read more »

Now that's funny!
By on March 30, 2006

UPDATE: When the folks at JupiterResearch saw the quote I cite below attributed to me, their PR folks quickly jumped into action and had the quote properly attributed to Mr. ... read more »

JupiterResearch sold for $10M
By on March 30, 2006

As many of you have likely already noticed, Alan Meckler sold my previous employer JupiterResearch for the tidy sum of $10 million to Kagan Research, not a bad return on ... read more »

(Nearly) Free Money from the WAA!
By on March 28, 2006

I just saw this post from Jim Novo of, among other things, the Web Analytics Association’s Education Committee. Apparently, if you’re a good writer and have any insight into ... read more »

Have you voted for your Web Analytics Association Board Members yet?
By on March 27, 2006

For those of you who are active members in the Web Analytics Association, you only have until March 30th to vote for new Board of Directors members. I was ... read more »

This weblog is now MapSurfaced!
By on March 25, 2006

I just added MapSurface to my weblog so any of you can see the traffic to-and-from my weblog. All you have to do is click “Alt-X” and a layer ... read more »

High praise and a funny story …
By on March 24, 2006

I just got two emails about Analytics Demystified in the last two days. The first was from a fan, saying: “Just wanted to let you know the “Analytics Demystified” ... read more »