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A good question about using KPIs in multi-site companies …
By on February 1, 2006

I’ve had a question similar to the following a number of times since I published The Big Book of Key Performance Indicators: “I just finished reading your book (great book!), and ... read more »

If you have any ideas about how to promote Web Analytics Wednesday …
By on February 1, 2006

… I’d love to hear from you. The events are picking up momentum but I suspect they’d benefit from some local advertising. If any of the few of ... read more »

Two nice online reviews of my work appeared today!
By on January 31, 2006

Today Steve Jackson from the Conversion Chronicles posted a nice review of my Big Book of Key Performance Indicators. In his review, Mr. Jackson said: “This book is a steal ... read more »

Congratulations to ZAAZ on their Google Analytics announcement!
By on January 25, 2006

I have seen a bunch of announcements that the good guys at ZAAZ are going to be supporting Google Analytics. According to Brett Crosby (another good guy), “The model ... read more »

Google is going to put a stop to spyware!
By on January 25, 2006

I was browsing my daily threads and noticed this posting at the official Google blog, describing their excitement about the new StopBadware.ORG initiative. While I sincerely applaud Google for lending their ... read more »

Do you have a Top Secret Security Clearance (TS/ISSA – with life polygraph) …
By on January 20, 2006

… if so, then we want you at Visual Sciences! One of the things I’ve been brought on board to do is help our company staff-out with super-talented people who really ... read more »

Wow, it's nice to be back on this side of the street …
By on January 20, 2006

It’s been a week since I started at Visual Sciences and I must admit it’s really nice to be back in the mix. I also must admit it’s been ... read more »

I've left JupiterResearch for Visual Sciences
By on January 19, 2006

Those of you who follow the Web Analytics Forum at Yahoo! Groups might have just noticed that I announced that I’ve left JupiterResearch to join the team at Visual Sciences. ... read more »

The Big Book of Key Performance Indicators is NOW ON SALE!
By on January 1, 2006

All of you who have pre-ordered this book should have just received an email from me (eric at webanalyticsdemystified dot com) describing how to download your copy of The Big ... read more »

Here's some good news!
By on December 18, 2005

The book is pretty much done, a few weeks early no less! I’m just putting the finishing touches on it now and have one more round of review but ... read more »