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Massive Web Analytics Throw-down in Google+
Massive Web Analytics Throw-down in Google+
By on August 10, 2011

Much to my chagrin, having been outed by the local newspaper for my original dismissal of Google+, it appears that the web analytics community is prepared to go “all in” ... read more »

Great jobs and a great gathering in Atlanta next week
By on July 12, 2011

Just a quick note from my vacation getwaway to call reader’s attention to two great jobs at The Home Depot and to let Atlanta-area readers know that I will be ... read more »

Three Great Jobs at Best Buy
By on June 7, 2011

Now that summer is upon us I suspect that some of my personal blogging activity will slow down but I wanted to call my reader’s attention to three great jobs ... read more »

Amazing news from Analysis Exchange
By on May 17, 2011

UPDATED: We got great quotes from the Vice President of Human Resources who hired Jan Alden Cornish that clarify how Analysis Exchange is making a difference when it comes to ... read more »

Demystified Days has been postponed
By on May 6, 2011

Unfortunately Analytics Demystified has been threatened with costly litigation over our Demystified Days event series. Out of respect for our current partners, our sponsors, and the entire community we ... read more »

Would you pay $100 per year for Google Analytics?
By on April 27, 2011

Back in February our newest partner Adam Greco waxed philosophical about Google offering a paid version of Google Analytics. He got a bunch of feedback and all-in-all the post raised ... read more »

WAA Elections: I Support the Slate
By on April 14, 2011

While the voting period is mostly over I wanted to drop a quick note and offer up some thoughts on the candidates and process for the current Web Analytics Association ... read more »

Announcing "Demystified Days"
By on April 5, 2011

UPDATE MAY 6, 2011: Under threat of litigation we have decided to postpone Demystified Days for the time being. You can read more about this decision here. I am incredibly excited ... read more »

Guest Post: Success in The Analysis Exchange!
By on February 17, 2011

Since Analysis Exchange has been honored with a nomination in the Web Analytics Association Gala Awards, while our community is considering their votes I figured it was a good time ... read more »

A few thoughts on the upcoming WAA Awards
By on February 7, 2011

I got a nice note this morning from Mike Levin at the Web Analytics Association: “CONGRATULATIONS! You have been nominated for a WAA Award of Excellence in the category of: ... read more »