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Google is going to put a stop to spyware!
Google is going to put a stop to spyware!
By on January 25, 2006

I was browsing my daily threads and noticed this posting at the official Google blog, describing their excitement about the new StopBadware.ORG initiative. While I sincerely applaud Google for lending their ... read more »

Do you have a Top Secret Security Clearance (TS/ISSA – with life polygraph) …
By on January 20, 2006

… if so, then we want you at Visual Sciences! One of the things I’ve been brought on board to do is help our company staff-out with super-talented people who really ... read more »

Wow, it's nice to be back on this side of the street …
By on January 20, 2006

It’s been a week since I started at Visual Sciences and I must admit it’s really nice to be back in the mix. I also must admit it’s been ... read more »

I've left JupiterResearch for Visual Sciences
By on January 19, 2006

Those of you who follow the Web Analytics Forum at Yahoo! Groups might have just noticed that I announced that I’ve left JupiterResearch to join the team at Visual Sciences. ... read more »

The Big Book of Key Performance Indicators is NOW ON SALE!
By on January 1, 2006

All of you who have pre-ordered this book should have just received an email from me (eric at webanalyticsdemystified dot com) describing how to download your copy of The Big ... read more »

Here's some good news!
By on December 18, 2005

The book is pretty much done, a few weeks early no less! I’m just putting the finishing touches on it now and have one more round of review but ... read more »

You know what?
By on November 13, 2005

Folks, I am realizing that posting the full text of each of these key performance indicators in this weblog will be far too time consuming, especially in the context of other ... read more »

I'm having problems with comment spam lately …
By on October 27, 2005

… and have been really busy focusing on the writing of the book. It’s great, actually, since I’ve been building a new Excel spreadsheet with all the KPIs at ... read more »

Everyone else is doing it, why not me?
By on September 18, 2005

There have been a glut of people blogging about books they’re writing lately–Scoble, Battelle and more–and since I’m going to write the complete treatise on key performance indicators I thought ... read more »

You may have noticed …
By on September 1, 2005

That I’ve not been posting much to the book blog. I apologize. I have been working on the book but have been too swamped to post. Hopefully ... read more »