Analytics Demystified is run by many of the best known names in the digital analytics and optimization industry and brings over 100 years of experience to every client engagement.  Our consulting model has a singular focus, client satisfaction, and that translates into the right answer, the first time, every time for every company that calls us for help.  No account managers, no “fresh out of college” consultants-in-training, no overhead or waste … just the best analytics and optimization consulting available in the world today. 

Contact us to learn why many of the best known brands in retail, athletic apparel, technology, media, publishing, financial services, and consumer packaged goods rely on Analytics Demystified to help shape their digital measurement and testing strategy.

Additionally, Analytics Demystified has always paid close attention to the challenges our clients face when trying to find contractors and hire qualified, full-time staff. With the recent explosion in interest in analytics and “big data” we have seen rates for contractors and FTE placements soar while overall qualification and support for these resources decline.

We think this is a problem … and we have a solution.

Analytics Demystified is now actively placing contractors and full-time staff with our clients. More importantly, we are approaching the entire contractor and direct hire market in the way that we believe makes real sense … something we call “Team Demystified!”


“Team Demystified” takes the traditional “find ’em and forget ’em … until you need ’em again” model of head-hunting and staffing and turns it completely around. We are leveraging our worldwide network of analytics professionals — a network built on Web Analytics Wednesday, Analysis Exchange, our ACCELERATE conference, and the strength of each individual Partner’s relationship with the analytics community — to build a fully-supported team of analytics experts. We are then making those experts available to our clients for long-term contracts and full-time positions.

Our experts are carefully vetted by the Analytics Demystified Partners and Senior Partners to ensure true knowledge and experience in the sector. We ask the hard questions so our clients don’t have to … and we guarantee the expertise of every member of “Team Demystified.”

What’s more, once we make our placements … we are not done. We have built a continual feedback loop designed to ensure that “Team Demystified” always has access to Analytics Demystified for as long as they are placed with our clients. Between weekly check-in, monthly videoconferences, and an annual “Team Demystified” gathering (at our expense, not yours), we are doing everything possible to ensure our placements deliver the type of value and insights our clients expect.

If you’d like our help finding analytics and optimization expertise let us know! The first step is yours … we will handle the rest.

Contact us today to learn about our unique staffing options!