Yearly Archives: 2015
Working with Variable-Row-Count Adobe Report Builder Queries September 13, 2015 Adobe Analytics

I use Adobe Report Builder a lot. It’s getting to the point where I have to periodically reassure my wife that my relationship with the tool is purely platonic. One of the ...... Continue »

What Does 1,000 Success Events Really Mean? September 10, 2015 Adobe Analytics

In the last year, Adobe Analytics introduced the ability to have over 1,000 Success Events. That was a pretty big jump from 100 previously. As I work with clients I ...... Continue »

Engagement Scoring + Adobe Analytics Derived Metrics September 4, 2015 Adobe Analytics

Recently, I was listening to an episode of the Digital Analytics Power Hour that discussed analytics for sites that have no clear conversion goals. In this podcast, the guys brought ...... Continue »

A Developer’s Perspective on Features Every Tag Management System Should Offer August 17, 2015 Featured

Almost 2 years ago I wrote a blog post on some of the major questions companies face when choosing a tag management system. I very carefully crafted a post that ...... Continue »

Advanced Training for the Digital Analyst July 24, 2015 Analysis

In today’s competitive business environments, the expectations placed on the digital analysts are extremely high. Not only do they need to be masters of the web analytics tools necessary for ...... Continue »

The Most Important ‘Benchmarks’ Are Your Own July 20, 2015 Analysis

Companies typically expend unnecessary energy worrying about comparing themselves to others. What analyst hasn’t been asked: “What’s a typical conversion rate?” Unfortunately, conversion rates can vary so dramatically—by vertical, by ...... Continue »

Adobe Analytics Tips & Tricks (White Paper) July 15, 2015 Adobe Analytics

Analytics has the potential to be incredibly powerful for businesses. However, companies sometimes don’t know where to start, or how to take advantage of the capabilities of their digital analytics ...... Continue »

Eight years of Analytics Demystified … July 1, 2015 Digital Analytics Community

Eight years … eight amazing years since I told my wife I was quitting my job as a Vice President of Strategic Consulting at Visual Sciences (by that time owned ...... Continue »

Using Adobe Analytics New ‘Calculated Metrics’ to Fix Data Inaccuracies June 25, 2015 Adobe Analytics

Few features were more hotly anticipated following Adobe Summit than the arrival of the newly expanded calculated metrics to Adobe Analytics. Within one week of its release, it is already ...... Continue »

A Framework for Digital Analytics Process June 24, 2015 Analytics Strategy

Digital Analytics process can be used to accomplish many things. Yet, in it’s most valuable form, process should be viewed as a means to familiarize business users with data that ...... Continue »