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Time for Tag Management Vendors to Grow Up December 16, 2013 Tag Management

As I have written before, Analytics Demystified are big fans of Tag Management Systems, and I believe we are at the point where our entire client base is either on ...... Continue »

Black Friday Analytics December 9, 2013 Adobe Analytics

So it’s that time of year again when commercialism runs rampant, people spend with reckless abandon, and at any moment there could be fisticuffs at your local Wal-Mart. But alas, ...... Continue »

What Marketing/Analytics Can Learn from Mythbusters November 25, 2013 Analysis

Earlier this month, I gave a presentation at the Columbus Web Group meetup that I titled Mythbusters: Analytics Edition. The more I worked on the presentation — beating the same ...... Continue »

Excel: Charting Averages without Adding Columns November 23, 2013 Excel Tips

I was recently building out a pretty involved dashboard where, ultimately, I had about 50 different metrics that were available through various drilldowns in Excel. Beyond just the number of ...... Continue »

Advanced Analytics Education Dates Announced November 21, 2013 Adobe Analytics

Based on the very successful roll-out of our Advanced Analytics Education offering at ACCELERATE 2013 Analytics Demystified is delighted to announce our “Adobe Intensive” sessions in Portland, Oregon April 23rd ...... Continue »

DAA SF Symposium Presentation Now Available November 20, 2013 General

My presentation from the Digital Analytics Association San Francisco Symposium is now available on SlideShare: What the ‘Quantified Self’ movement and really, really personal data means for marketing, analytics and privacy? At ...... Continue »

TMS Best Practices: Get the Data Layer Right November 4, 2013 Tag Management

Over the past year or so, I’ve had the opportunity to see some “do’s” and “dont’s” when implementing a tag management system. I thought today I’d share some thoughts on ...... Continue »

The problem with "Big Data" … October 13, 2013 Adobe Analytics

A lot has been written about “big data” in the past two or three years — some say too much — and it is clear that the idea has taken ...... Continue »

An Aspirational Report Structure October 3, 2013 Analysis

The life of an analyst invariably includes responsibility for some set of recurring reports: daily, weekly, monthly, and even quarterly. I hate reports. Or, to be more precise, I have ...... Continue »

Announcing "Team Demystified" Analytics Staffing Services September 30, 2013 Analytics Strategy

Last week at our annual ACCELERATE conference Analytics Demystified announced our new “Team Demystified” web analytics and optimization staffing and contractor services offering. In a nutshell, “Team Demystified” is a ...... Continue »