Yearly Archives: 2012
The Evolving Tag Management Marketplace November 1, 2012 Analytics Strategy

Today started with a flurry of communication about Adobe’s intent to start giving their Tagmanager product away to all SiteCatalyst customers at no charge. I see this change as having ...... Continue »

New Calculated Metrics in Adobe Discover October 30, 2012 Adobe Analytics

You have always been able to use segments and calculated metrics in Adobe Discover but now you can include segments WITHIN your calculated metrics! This greatly increases the flexibility of ...... Continue »

Beefing Up the Integration of Optimizely and Google Analytics October 30, 2012 Analytics Strategy

I’ve developed a pretty serious crush on Optimizely as an A/B and multivariate testing platform — it’s hard to beat the ease-of-deployment and ease-of-use. Just like any platform — web ...... Continue »

Sorting with Formulas for Bounce Rate – Excel Tip October 24, 2012 Excel Tips

During my career I have developed a ton of Excel tricks that enabled me to mold data just the way I like it. It all began when I took an ...... Continue »

How Communicating Analytics Is Like New York City October 22, 2012 Presentation

I joined a new company, Clearhead, at the beginning of September, and it’s been a fun-tiring-exciting ride thus far (unfortunately, it hasn’t been a particularly prolific one with respect to this ...... Continue »

The T&T Plugin – Integrate T&T with Google Analytics October 22, 2012 Analysis

When Test&Target was being built back in the day and doing business as Offermatica, it was designed to be an open platform so that its data can be made available ...... Continue »

The Adobe SiteCatalyst Handbook Now Available! October 16, 2012 General

After months of writing, editing and re-editing, The Adobe SiteCatalyst Handbook: An Insider’s Guide is now available! I have received many questions about the date it is available and formats. The ...... Continue »

Analysts as Community Managers' Best Friends October 7, 2012 Analysis

I had a great time in Boston last week at eMetrics. The unintentional theme, according to my own general perception and the group messaging backchannel that I was on, was ...... Continue »

Good Guy Google … October 1, 2012 Analytics Strategy

The good guys at Google announced today that they are giving away their own Tag Management System, Google Tag Manager. Since I’m not at Emetrics (where the announcement was made) ...... Continue »

ACCELERATE: An Analytics Event for the 99% September 18, 2012 Conferences/Community

Wow, I cannot believe that October is almost upon us and that the expanding team at Analytics Demystified is about to deliver another ACCELERATE event! We are pretty excited about ...... Continue »