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Quotable Quotes from Nate Silver December 18, 2012 Analysis

It’s hard to be an analyst and not be a fan of Nate Silver. Actually, I think it might actually be the law — one of those “natural law” things, like ...... Continue »

Products & SKU’s December 17, 2012 Adobe Analytics

When I work with retailers who use Adobe SiteCatalyst, one topic that often emerges is the best way to handle the tracking Product ID’s and SKU’s. In this post, I ...... Continue »

Adobe SiteCatalyst – ClickTale Integration December 10, 2012 Analytics Strategy

About a year ago, I wrote a blog post discussing ways that you could integrate Adobe SiteCatalyst and Tealeaf. In that post, I talked about some of the cool integration ...... Continue »

Big Data without Digital Insight Management Is a Big Hot Mess November 27, 2012 Analysis

One of the many exciting aspects of joining a new company is the opportunity for reflection. The lead-up to the job change forced some introspection — what was it I ...... Continue »

SiteCatalyst Tip: Corporate Logins & Labels November 26, 2012 Adobe Analytics

As you use Adobe SiteCatalyst, you will begin creating a vast array of bookmarked reports, dashboards, calculated metrics and so on. The good news is that SiteCatalyst makes it easy ...... Continue »

De-Duped Success Metrics November 19, 2012 Adobe Analytics

When working with SiteCatalyst clients, I often see them ask questions related to how often a particular Success Event takes place at least once during a visit. Examples of this ...... Continue »

A Google Analytics Advanced Segment for Smartphones November 18, 2012 Analytics Strategy

“Mobile” is a tricky topic, if for no other reason than the fact that tablets are mobile devices and smartphones are mobile devices. And, when it comes to web sites, ...... Continue »

SiteCatalyst Variable Naming Tips November 15, 2012 Adobe Analytics

One of the parts of Adobe SiteCatalyst implementations that is often overlooked is the actual naming of SiteCatalyst variables in the Administration Console. In this post, I’d like to share ...... Continue »

How Musings about Nate Silver are Misguided November 8, 2012 General

I’m a Nate Silver fan. Make no mistake. His book is at the top of my holiday reading list. I have been an avid follower of both his predictive models ...... Continue »

"Tag! You’re It!" One More Analyst’s Tag Management Thoughts November 6, 2012 Analytics Strategy

Unless you’re living in a cave (and, you’re clearly not, because you’re spending enough time trolling the interwebtubes to wind up on this blog), you’ve seen, heard, and felt the ...... Continue »