Yearly Archives: 2007
How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You My Name?…Redux December 18, 2007 Analytics Strategy

I seem to be a fan of redux postings. I can’t help it — it so often seems that, within a few days of making one entry, something happens that ...... Continue »

Salary distribution data for Europe and Canada December 17, 2007 General

A number of folks from around the world wrote me after downloading our recent research on web analytics salaries in the U.S. asking if we had comparable numbers for Europe, ...... Continue »

Four simple rules for identifying a good metric December 12, 2007 Analytics Strategy

Avinash Kaushik — the man, the myth, the legend — had another excellent post yesterday. He titled it Web Metrics Demystified, which is a take on Eric Peterson’s Analytics Demystified ...... Continue »

Web Analytics Salaries 2007: Insights and Observations December 12, 2007 Analytics Strategy

A lot has been written recently on the hot job market for web analytics positions. Perhaps because there is such a profound gap between the number of open positions ...... Continue »

A Simple Process for Establishing Corporate Metrics December 11, 2007 Reporting

Boy, are you ever lucky to be reading this post! I’m going to lay out a very simple framework for developing metrics that are actionable from the highest levels of ...... Continue »

Social Media Metrics — It's not Just about Traffic December 10, 2007 Social Media

Okay, so I’m going to declare that, henceforth and forthwith, the phrase “social media ROI” will not appear in my blog entries. The more I think about it, the more ...... Continue »

Yet Another Post on Social Media ROI December 9, 2007 Social Media

And by “Yet another post…” I mean “in the blogosphere.” I do believe this will be my first post on the subject. But, I’m planning to dive into this topic ...... Continue »

Are you one of the nearly 2,000 companies looking for web analytics talent? December 3, 2007 General

I’ve been talking about the web analytics job market and the need for dedicated professionals managing web analytics and caring for your company’s investment. To be honest, when I ...... Continue »

Please attend my webinar on Web Analytics 2.0 and the Web Site Optimization Ecosystem November 28, 2007 Analytics Strategy

Thanks to Tealeaf I’m excited to be able to present a free webinar on December 11th titled “Who, What, Where, When, and Why: Understanding Visitor Interactions on the Internet.” ...... Continue »

Ever thought about moving to Seattle and building a web analytics practice? November 28, 2007 General

Eddie Bauer, the Seattle-based retailer, is focused on re-establishing Eddie Bauer as the premier active, outdoor, lifestyle brand. One of their efforts to make this happen is increasing their ...... Continue »