Yearly Archives: 2006
Okay, so maybe I haven't been to every Emetrics ever … October 3, 2006 General

E-consultancy published a nice interview with me today covering my thoughts on measuring Web 2.0. One of the questions they asked was about whether I think companies are getting ...... Continue »

On visits and visitors … October 3, 2006 Reporting

I have a Google News alert on the phrase “web analytics” that had the most interesting summary I’ve seen in a long time: The Web Numbers Game Multichannel Merchant – ...... Continue »

Are you going to ActiveInsights or Emetrics? October 2, 2006 General

I’m heading East this week for WebSideStory’s ActiveInsights conference and will be giving a training on Thursday, October 5th, ostensibly on the subject of key performance indicators. Any of ...... Continue »

New RSS Feed for the simple vendor discovery tool September 30, 2006 Analytics Strategy

I’m constantly surprised by the number of people who are using the simple vendor discovery tool I built. I know that some sales people use it to check out ...... Continue »

One of the nicest guys in all of web analytics interviewed September 27, 2006 Analytics Strategy

The estimated hundreds of thousands of web sites now running Google Analytics owe some part of the availability of said solution to Brett Crosby. I’ve known Brett now for ...... Continue »

Man, now I really feel bad about what I said about Marshall Sponder awhile back … September 26, 2006 Analytics Strategy

Crap. Awhile back I spouted off about not liking Avinash’s strategy for ranking “web analytics bloggers” and said something less than complimentary about Marshall Sponder, the WebMetricsGuru blogger. Now Marshall ...... Continue »

MSN corrects the referrer problem from earlier this week September 21, 2006 Analytics Strategy

I’ve been busy so I’m late to the news but I’m sure by now you’ve all seen that MSN has corrected the search referrer problem they created earlier this week. ...... Continue »

New Google Analytics book is on the streets September 20, 2006 Adobe Analytics

I had been hearing about a book on Google Analytics for some time now and it just hit the streets. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet ...... Continue »

MSN squelches referrer information, hopefully by accident! September 18, 2006 Analytics Strategy

Apparently MSN’s movement to “Live Search” had a deleterious effect on referring source data coming from the search engine beginning sometime over the weekend! Have a look at the ...... Continue »

Web Analytics Wednesday in Boston was a success! September 14, 2006 Conferences/Community

I went to Boston’s first Web Analytics Wednesday event last night and no surprise had a great time. Some highlights include: Meeting Jared Spool from UIE and hearing how he ...... Continue »