Disseminating Digital Data: Why A One Size Fits All Model Doesn’t Work December 8, 2016

[Shared by Nancy Koons, Digital Analytics Consultant, Team Demystified …] One of the things I love about working with the folks at Demystified are the conversations about analytics that often spring ...... Continue »

Sharing Analytics Reports Internally September 15, 2015

As a web analyst, one of your job functions is to share reports and data with your internal stakeholders. There are obviously many different ways to do this. Ideally, you ...... Continue »

I’ve Become Aware that Awareness Is a #measure Bugaboo August 8, 2014

A Big Question that social and digital media marketers grapple with constantly, whether they realize it or not: Is “awareness” a valid objective for marketing activity? I’ve gotten into more than a ...... Continue »

Why I Don’t Put Recommendations on Dashboards September 10, 2013

WARNING: Gilligan contrarianism alert! The following post posits a thesis that runs contrary to popular opinion in the analytics community. Many companies these days rely on some form of internal dashboard(s). ...... Continue »

Analytics Aphorisms — Gilligan-Style August 21, 2013

Last week, I had the pleasure of presenting at a SEER Interactive conference titled “Marketing Analytics: Proving and Improving Online Performance.” The conference was at SEER’s main office, which is ...... Continue »

The "K" in "KPI" is not for "1,000" July 31, 2013

At the core of any effective performance measurement process are key performance indicators, or KPIs. Did you catch the redundancy in that statement? Performance measurement uses performance indicators. What gets my goat ...... Continue »

Gilligan's Unified Theory of Analytics (Requests) April 2, 2013

The bane of many analysts’ existence is that they find themselves in a world where the majority of their day is spent on the receiving end of a steady flow ...... Continue »

SiteCatalyst Tip: Corporate Logins & Labels November 26, 2012

As you use Adobe SiteCatalyst, you will begin creating a vast array of bookmarked reports, dashboards, calculated metrics and so on. The good news is that SiteCatalyst makes it easy ...... Continue »

Analysts as Community Managers' Best Friends October 7, 2012

I had a great time in Boston last week at eMetrics. The unintentional theme, according to my own general perception and the group messaging backchannel that I was on, was ...... Continue »

Web Site Performance Measurement August 29, 2012

It’s funny. Sometimes, we get so focused on the design and content aspects of how a web site performs that we forget about one of the more fundamental aspects of ...... Continue »