“What will you do with that?” = :-( April 12, 2017

Remember back when folks wrote blog posts that were blah-blah-blah “best practice”-type posts? I think this is going to be one of those – a bit of a throwback, perhaps. ...... Continue »

Podcast #058: Analytics in Agile Organizations with Simo Ahava March 14, 2017

The latest episode of the Digital Analytics Power Hour podcast is now live. Michael and I sat down with Simo Ahava from Reaktor to chat about a topic that he’s ...... Continue »

3-Day Training: R & Statistics for the Digital Analyst – June 13-15 (Columbus, OH) March 8, 2017

One challenge I found over the course of last year as I worked to learn R and learn how to apply statistics in a meaningful way to digital analytics data ...... Continue »

Podcast #054: Pop Analytics with Kevin Hillstrom January 17, 2017

On the latest episode of The Digital Analytics Power Hour, Michael and I chatted with Kevin Hillstrom — the man behind the MineThatData blog and the MineThatData Radio podcast. Kevin ...... Continue »

R and Adobe Analytics: Did the Metric Move Significantly? Part 3 of 3 January 12, 2017

This is the third post in a three-post series. The earlier posts build up to this one, so you may want to go back and check them out before diving in ...... Continue »

R and Adobe Analytics: Did the Metric Move Significantly? Part 2 of 3 January 10, 2017

In my last post, I laid out that I had been working on a bit of R code to answer three different questions in a way that was repeatable and ...... Continue »

R and Adobe Analytics: Two Dimensions, Many Metrics – Part 1 of 3 January 5, 2017

This is the first of three posts that all use the same base set of configuration to answer three different questions: How do my key metrics break out across two different ...... Continue »

Disseminating Digital Data: Why A One Size Fits All Model Doesn’t Work December 8, 2016

[Shared by Nancy Koons, Digital Analytics Consultant, Team Demystified …] One of the things I love about working with the folks at Demystified are the conversations about analytics that often spring ...... Continue »

How Often Should You Revisit Your KPIs? November 6, 2016

The need to define your Key Performance Indicators is an old, tired concept. Been there, done that, we get it.* But how many of us think about the need to revisit those ...... Continue »

Pairing Analytics with Qualitative Methods to Understand the WHY October 30, 2015

Rudimentary analytics can be valuable to understand what your customers and prospects do. However, the true value from analytics comes from marrying that with the why – and more importantly, understanding how ...... Continue »