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And then there was Xavier Casanova …
By on February 7, 2006

Wow. First Bob, then Sam, then me, now Xavier Casanova, a founder of Fireclick. It seems like these days all of the heavy hitters in the analytics industry ... read more »

They love me in Holland (I think)
By on February 3, 2006

Marco Derksen from Upstream BV just sent me this announcement he’d posted about The Big Book of Key Performaance Indictors but it’s all in Dutch. I assume it’s good ... read more »

I'm turning comments back on in my weblog
By on February 3, 2006

A handful of folks have asked me why I disabled comments when I moved my weblog over to my personal site full time. I guess I didn’t have a ... read more »

Fred Kuu, talkin' about Web Analytics Wednesday!
By on February 1, 2006

Fred Kuu, HBX blogger, is pointing people towards the Web Analytics Wednesday event in Mountain View, CA next week. I’m pleased to see that the folks at Fireclick are ... read more »

A good question about using KPIs in multi-site companies …
By on February 1, 2006

I’ve had a question similar to the following a number of times since I published The Big Book of Key Performance Indicators: “I just finished reading your book (great book!), and ... read more »

If you have any ideas about how to promote Web Analytics Wednesday …
By on February 1, 2006

… I’d love to hear from you. The events are picking up momentum but I suspect they’d benefit from some local advertising. If any of the few of ... read more »

Two nice online reviews of my work appeared today!
By on January 31, 2006

Today Steve Jackson from the Conversion Chronicles posted a nice review of my Big Book of Key Performance Indicators. In his review, Mr. Jackson said: “This book is a steal ... read more »

Congratulations to ZAAZ on their Google Analytics announcement!
By on January 25, 2006

I have seen a bunch of announcements that the good guys at ZAAZ are going to be supporting Google Analytics. According to Brett Crosby (another good guy), “The model ... read more »

Google is going to put a stop to spyware!
By on January 25, 2006

I was browsing my daily threads and noticed this posting at the official Google blog, describing their excitement about the new StopBadware.ORG initiative. While I sincerely applaud Google for lending their ... read more »

Do you have a Top Secret Security Clearance (TS/ISSA – with life polygraph) …
By on January 20, 2006

… if so, then we want you at Visual Sciences! One of the things I’ve been brought on board to do is help our company staff-out with super-talented people who really ... read more »