Analytics Demystified partners regularly speak at industry conferences and events, including those listed below. If you are planning to attend any of these events please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and schedule a meeting.

Date Partner Event Location
September 26, 2017 Tim Wilson Actionable Analytics: Strategy Through Data Viz Philadelphia, PA
October 10, 2017 Michele Kiss 25 in 5, South Beach San Francisco, CA
October 10, 2017 Adam Greco DAA Symposium Chicago, IL
October 24, 2017 Tim Wilson DAA Symposium San Francisco, CA
October 30, 2017 John Lovett eMetrics New York New York, NY
October 30, 2017 Tim Wilson eMetrics New York New York, NY
October 31, 2017 Adam Greco eMetrics New York New York, NY

If you are interested in having one of the partners speak at your event, contact us to discuss or learn more about each of the partners below.