Yearly Archives: 2017
Minneapolis Adobe Analytics “Top Gun” Class – 12/7/17 October 20, 2017 Adobe Analytics

Due to a special request, I will be doing an unexpected/unplanned Adobe Analytics “Top Gun” class in Minneapolis, MN on December 7th. To register, click here. For those of you unfamiliar ...... Continue »

Podcast #073: When the Analyst Goes Independent October 10, 2017 General

Do you have a spare shingle lying around? Have you been thinking about painting, “Analyst for Hire – Will Work for Cookies” on it and hanging it up on your ...... Continue »

Digital Analytics Hub – Conference Recap October 5, 2017 Conferences/Community

I’m back at my desk from the Digital Analytics Hub in the Big Easy and I’m feeling fresh and fired up about Digital Analytics. It may sound like a cliche, ...... Continue »

MeasureCamp Brussels!! October 4, 2017 Conferences/Community

For years I have been trying to get to a MeasureCamp event, but my timing in Europe has always been a bit off.  For those not familiar with MeasureCamp, it ...... Continue »

Oct. 25th: 1-Day Workshop in San Francisco – Intro to R for the Digital Analyst October 4, 2017 Analysis

I’ll be conducting a small (up to 8 students) hands-on workshop that is an introduction to R for the digital analyst in San Francisco on Wednesday, October 25th. If you are ...... Continue »

Did that KPI Move Enough for Me to Care? September 29, 2017 Adobe Analytics

This post really… is just the setup for an embedded 6-minute video. But, it actually hits on quite a number of topics. At the core: Using a statistical method to objectively determine ...... Continue »

Podcast #072: The Future of the Digital Analyst…Redux September 26, 2017 Industry Analysis

On the latest episode of The Digital Analytics Power Hour, we revisited a topic that we first tackled back in April 2016 — what are the different career paths available ...... Continue »

Cart Persistence and Purchases [Adobe Analytics] September 26, 2017 Adobe Analytics

Many years ago, I wrote a post about shopping cart persistence based upon a query from a client. That post showed how to see how long items had been in ...... Continue »

Can Local Storage Save Your Website From Cookies? September 25, 2017 Adobe Analytics

I can’t imagine that anyone who read my last blog post set a calendar reminder to check for the follow-up post I had promised to write, but if you’re so ...... Continue »

European Adobe Analytics “Top Gun” Master Class – October 19th September 21, 2017 Adobe Analytics

A while back I ask folks to fill out a form if they were interested in me doing one of my Adobe Analytics “Top Gun” classes locally. and soon after, I ...... Continue »