Yearly Archives: 2017
Podcast #065: Digital Analytics from a Psychological Perspective June 20, 2017 Analytics Strategy

On the latest episode of The Digital Analytics Power Hour, we sat down with Dr. Liraz Margalit, Head of Digital Behavioral Research at Clicktale to chat about the psychology of ...... Continue »

Do You Want My Adobe Analytics “Top Gun” Class In Your City? June 7, 2017 Adobe Analytics

This past May, I conducted my annual Adobe Analytics “Top Gun” classes to a packed room in Chicago. I always love doing this class because it helps the attendees get ...... Continue »

Podcast #064: Analog (In-Store) Analytics with Gary Angel June 6, 2017 General

On the latest episode of the Digital Analytics Power Hour podcast, Michael and I sat down with Gary Angel of Digital Mortar to discuss his latest adventure: shifting from the ...... Continue »

Search Result Page Exit Rates May 26, 2017 Adobe Analytics

Recently, I was working with a client who was interested in seeing how often their internal search results page was the exit page. Their goal was to see how effective ...... Continue »

A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Funnels in Google’s Data Studio May 25, 2017 Google Analytics

A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Funnels in Google’s Data Studio For those exploring Google’s Data Studio (their beta “Tableau competitor”, that integrates with Google Analytics and many other data sources) you ...... Continue »

Podcast #063: The Trials and Tribulations of Tool Transitions May 23, 2017 General

In the latest episode of The Digital Analytics Power Hour podcast, Michael and I chatted with Nancy Koons about our respective experiences with transitioning between web analytics platforms — both ...... Continue »

Podcast #062: When/Where Does the Analyst’s Job End? May 9, 2017 General

It’s a topic that analysts the world over wring their hands and gnash their teeth about: once we’ve delivered recommendations, how much is the onus on us to actually follow ...... Continue »

Out of Stock Products May 8, 2017 Adobe Analytics

For retail/e-commerce websites that sell physical products, one of the worst things that can happen is having your products be out of stock. Imagine that you have done a lot ...... Continue »

Podcast #061: Selling the Value of Analytics April 25, 2017 Featured

Whether inside an agency and being tasked with writing the analytics section of a proposal or inside a company and lobbying for resources and visibility, analysts often have to pitch ...... Continue »

Visitor Retention in Adobe Analytics Workspace April 25, 2017 Adobe Analytics

I recently had a client of mine ask me how they could report new and retained visitors for their website. In this particular case, the site had an expectation that the ...... Continue »