Yearly Archives: 2017
Podcast #062: When/Where Does the Analyst’s Job End? May 9, 2017 General

It’s a topic that analysts the world over wring their hands and gnash their teeth about: once we’ve delivered recommendations, how much is the onus on us to actually follow ...... Continue »

Out of Stock Products May 8, 2017 Adobe Analytics

For retail/e-commerce websites that sell physical products, one of the worst things that can happen is having your products be out of stock. Imagine that you have done a lot ...... Continue »

Podcast #061: Selling the Value of Analytics April 25, 2017 Featured

Whether inside an agency and being tasked with writing the analytics section of a proposal or inside a company and lobbying for resources and visibility, analysts often have to pitch ...... Continue »

Visitor Retention in Adobe Analytics Workspace April 25, 2017 Adobe Analytics

I recently had a client of mine ask me how they could report new and retained visitors for their website. In this particular case, the site had an expectation that the ...... Continue »

“What will you do with that?” = :-( April 12, 2017 Analysis

Remember back when folks wrote blog posts that were blah-blah-blah “best practice”-type posts? I think this is going to be one of those – a bit of a throwback, perhaps. ...... Continue »

Podcast #060: The People and Personality Side of Analytics April 11, 2017 Featured

Soft skills matter when it comes to being a successful analyst. On the latest episode of the Digital Analytics Power Hour, Michael and I dove into that very topic. Give ...... Continue »

Trending Data After Moving Variables April 10, 2017 Adobe Analytics

Most of my consulting work involves helping organizations fix and clean-up their Adobe Analytics implementations. Often times, I find that organizations have multiple Adobe Analytics report suites and that they ...... Continue »

Focusing on Outcomes April 4, 2017 Analytics Strategy

Measuring outcomes is a hot-box issue that stands between Marketers and Measurers that track marketing effectiveness. Today’s article in the Wall Street Journal, Some Marketers Want More Ad Testing, Less ...... Continue »

2017 Adobe Analytics “Top Gun” Class – May 2017 (Chicago) April 2, 2017 Adobe Analytics

Back by popular demand, it is once again time for my annual Adobe Analytics “Top Gun” class! This May 17th (note: originally the date was June 19th, but had to ...... Continue »

Leveraging Data Anomalies – Prospects & Competitors April 2, 2017 Adobe Analytics

A few weeks ago, I shared a new tool called Alarmduck that helps detect data anomalies in Adobe Analytics and posts these to Slack. This data anomaly tool is pretty ...... Continue »